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An old-fashioned or out-of-date bathroom is often quite distracting. Thankfully, a bathroom remodel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can help you out in many unique ways. However, you need to make sure that you pay attention to any mistakes that you may make to ensure that you don’t cause problems for yourself or others. Thankfully, we at Classic Home Remodeling Inc have the skills necessary to help and will do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your house and know exactly how your bathroom should look.

Focusing Too Much on the Toilet

When you walk into a bathroom, you probably don’t want to see the toilet immediately. While some might not care about this factor, others will be quite embarrassed and annoyed to see the toilet the moment that they walk into the room. Some people find that this is quite gauche and unappealing and may even avoid a bathroom if the first thing that they see is the toilet.

Even worse, placing the toilet so near the door is more likely to spread smells and odors throughout the house in a distracting manner. As a result, it is critical to place it in a spot that makes sense for your needs. For example, you can put it around the corner from a door and add a small half-wall next to it to ensure that others don’t see it as quickly when they walk into your bathroom

This bathroom remodel step is one of the first that you should take and will require you to plan the rest of your steps around it. For example, you may find it necessary to position other elements, such as your sinks, in a way that enhances your room flow. You will also have to pay attention to where you put other decorations in your house to ensure that they are as attractive as possible for your needs.

Improperly Balancing Your Light Use

The bathroom is often a room that can feel dark and gloomy in some homes. That’s because some people don’t take into account the natural light from outside of the house. This mistake is understandable because they may not want to have too many large windows in the room due to its nature. However, avoiding natural light completely is a mistake that is easy to rectify in a bathroom remodel.

First of all, you can very easily add a skylight to a house that lets in a good flow of natural light to keep your home bright and comfortable. Then, you can add windows to the bathroom to bring in even more sunshine. If you are uncomfortable about these windows, tint them along the bottom half to make sure that people can’t see in while you use the restroom. The top half can then let in light for you.

And if you still don’t like the idea of windows, put up blinds that cover most of them but not the top half. In this way, you can open the blinds when you’re not in there to let in light and shut it while you go. Leaving the top portion open will help to draw in more light at all times and keep your bathroom from being a dark and gloomy place that you, your family, and your visitors don’t like to visit.

Ignoring the Best Ventilation Plans

What kind of ventilation plan did you have for your last bathroom? Did you open a window anytime there were smells you didn’t like? This option may seem like a cheaper choice but is often a poor idea. That’s because opening a window can decrease your HVAC efficiency. And it may also not be a good idea if your family and friends fail to open the window and trap the bad smells inside.

Thankfully, you can fix this problem with your bathroom remodel. Start by installing a fan in the ceiling that will suck up bad smells and take them outside of the house. These vents should be regularly cleaned and provide you with easy access to ensure that they don’t end up clogging or getting blocked out. It would help if you talked to a professional HVAC cleaner to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

This process is particularly essential for humid areas because of how this humidity affects smell. Spaces and rooms with high moisture often boost the aromas of a bathroom and help it spread rampantly throughout a house. As a result, you should make sure that you use your ventilation – including windows positioned behind the toilet – to get the results that you want for your bathroom design.

Not Creating a Proper Schedule

Lastly, you need to make sure that your bathroom remodel has a reasonable timeline and schedule that you can keep to without fail. This step is more complicated than you might expect because many people are far too optimistic about how fast things might get finished. Yes, it is possible that your experts might finish everything in three days, just how you’ve planned. That’s only if everything goes perfectly smoothly.

For example, it is straightforward for mistakes to occur that you might not have anticipated. Wiring problems may suddenly pop up that your contractors had no way of predicting. Or perhaps a material that you ordered is nowhere near strong enough to work in your bathroom. Problems like these happen on just about every project and can never be predicted. Some may add a few hours to the process, while others can add a few days – the situation will vary depending on what you experience in your remodeling.

As a result, you should always add several more days to the project to ensure that you don’t run into any problems. Just as importantly, you need to budget in enough money in case you go past even this timeline. Remember: your contractors are professionals who can keep your home looking great, but they aren’t miracle workers. As a result, it is critical to keep your expectations reasonable here.

Help From Us is a Wise Investment

As you can see, the best bathroom remodel Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer is well within your grasp. All you have to do is avoid these mistakes to ensure that you create the bathroom that you deserve. But what about other errors that might happen? Sadly, there was just not enough room here to list all of them. As a result, you should contact us at Classic Home Remodeling Inc to get help. Our professionals fully understand how to remodel your bathroom and will do what it takes to help you succeed.

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