Creating the best bathroom renovations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa requires you to understand the different trends that are going through the market right now. Every year, brand new concepts and ideas develop that provide a myriad of different benefits to homeowners like you. By fully understanding these concepts, you can provide your home with the highest-quality look and style that it can achieve.

Countertop Trends – a Great Place to Start

New countertops are a critical part of any bathroom renovations for 2021. However, you need to make sure that you choose the best options for your needs. Throughout the year, we expect that solid surface countertops will be more popular than ever. They are straightforward to customize, produce a very strong surface, and have a consistent level of cohesiveness that is very hard to top for most bathrooms.

Homeowners who want the best look may want to focus on quartz – still the most popular option for many bathrooms – creating a high-quality look that is easy to maintain and strong enough to last for years. Just as importantly, quartz also comes in many different colors that make it very easy to change up your look. So pay attention to the options presented to you to ensure that you get a look you love.

Color Options – We’re Going Dark This Year

In the past, light colors were probably the most common types you’d see for most high-quality bathroom renovations. However, that trend does seem to be changing in the upcoming year. Too many people are sick of bright and white bathroom colors that stain easily and need to be regularly cleaned to stay in great shape. Thankfully, many dark options are available for homeowners this year, a trend that surprises some.

However, we have been finding more and more customers are enjoying colors like purple, black, deep grays, and even many blues. Blue is almost always a popular bathroom color, though the depth of the color is much more than in recent years. When choosing new tiles, wall paint, or fixtures, make sure that you pay attention to this facet to produce the high-quality look that your home deserves here.

Fixture Upgrades – Always Essential

All bathroom renovations need to change up the fixtures to make the room more attractive. What kind of trends is likely to occur throughout this year? We are expecting more industrial designs in fixtures this year. Though luxury items are probably going to have a popularity spurred by various individuals, split-finish units, gold and nickel finishes, and much more are all likely to be more prevalent in coming years, for several reasons.

Simpler styles are also likely to be quite common for many different bathrooms this year. Financial difficulties due to Covid-19 may limit some individuals, but we also expect that many will want simpler designs that are attractive, engaging, and hard to forget. Sometimes, we find that more simple looks are starker, easier to maintain, and more attractive for a long time. Long-term maintenance is becoming an essential step for many getting renovations.

Open Floor Plans – a Smoother Look

Over the years, we have installed many appliances in bathroom renovations and found that some customers wanted a relatively compact a simple style for their home. Recently, though, we’ve found that more and more clients want a more open floor plan that makes it easier to get around through an area. This approach is one that we find quite interesting to consider on many different levels as builders.

First of all, we are finding customers who want larger bathrooms with bigger appliances, such as a soaking tub, where they can relax at the end of the day. And they want to avoid very compact spaces that don’t feel as comfortable or easy to enjoy. The approach here is one that can be quite interesting to consider and requires homeowners to engage with their space and their renovation experts to ensure the best policy.

Don’t Neglect Our Help

As you can see, the newest trends in bathroom renovations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are very attractive, engaging, and unforgettable. And if you want the best renovations that you can buy at a price that is easy to afford, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Classic Home Remodeling today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience and look forward to working with you and others on these projects. We look forward to working with you and creating an incredible style for your bathroom.

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