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Basement Finishing Cedar Rapids

Finishing Your Basement Does Not Mean the End of Your Home

How many homeowners have failed to finish their basement because of flooding concerns? This would not be uncommon in areas prone to flooding. You can’t really blame a homeowner for leaving a basement unfinished if the threat for flooding occurs. Who would want to lose all kinds of memories, irreplaceable items, or even rebuild part of their home because of water damage? Basement finishing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa does not have to be impossible or costly if you do your homework and learn about your neighborhood’s flooding chances.

Basement finishing is basically very simple. You want to keep everything as dry as possible. Moisture in the air will make it easy for mold to grow. If enough mold grows in the home, it can make you sick, especially if it is black mold. You will want to check for any water issues before planning. Pools of water on the floor or drips coming through the below-grade walls are cause for concern. You will want to check outside to make sure the ground is graded away from your foundation. Check to see if there are any cracks in your foundation. If there are, make sure you repair them quickly. Any cracks in the foundation will allow water to trickle in and be a breeding ground for mold and other issues.

A vapor barrier is very important in basement finishing. Your basement can become a damp place rather quickly. You will need to add a water barrier to both the walls and floors prior to framing and finishing. Complete a section at a time for a day or two and check to see if there is any moisture seeping through. Even with a vapor barrier, moisture can still be an issue. Create an offset from the outside wall by adding thin slats of wood or metal. You can also complete this project to help level out a wall that may be wavy to create a flat surface for adding framing.

Insulation is key in basement finishing, as it can keep in the warmth and keep out the cold while blocking moisture. It can make your basement a comfortable place. Enough insulation will make it warm and dry in the winter. It also becomes a sound barrier. If the neighborhood kids play loudly outside, a layer of thick insulation will be enough to block out most of their noise, making your basement a great place to entertain or create a man cave. How many times have your husband and his friends been too loud while watching the football game of the week? Shutting the basement door make get rid of the noise with the right insulation.

Drop ceilings offer a hidden space in basement finishing. You will be able to hide and conceal access to electrical and plumbing lines through removable tiles. Yes, this will reduce the amount of overhead space available, but you will not have to look at unsightly wires or pipes. In other words, your basement will not look like a utility room as most unfinished basements do. However, you may not be able to hide your water heater, furnace, or other HVAC items, as these should be left out in the open anyway. Besides, easy access is needed for them, in case one of them decides to stop working one day.

Basement finishing is also a very important thing to consider if you have pets. An already damp environment can really bring out the odors from cat and dog hair. Indoor cats have the litter box to consider. You do not want to walk into a damp basement with a full litter box laying in the middle of it. Testing for dampness and moisture becomes very important for pet parents. Mold that may be growing in your basement can also make your pets sick. It is better to take care of the problem than to limit the time your pets spend in the basement.

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