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Classic Home Remodeling was launched in 1995 with just a few tools and a plan to become a premier contracting company. Today, with all the tools and experience we need, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can depend on our professionals for the best services in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. From residential and commercial remodeling to custom home building, Classic Home Remodeling is committed to providing the service you deserve for all your home or business needs. With our crew of dedicated craftsmen and our team of industry professionals we can complete your project from concept to final inspection and everything in between.

Basement Remodeling Cedar Rapids

Does Your Home Have the Model Basement?

Basement remodeling is likely very popular in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Husbands are always asking for their man caves. You know a place where they can eat spicy foods, watch sports, play video games, and participate in their fantasy league sports. The basement usually becomes the most logical location. The other partner being proud of the home they have designed and decorated is very important to the ambiance. Keeping this in mind a basement may be the best location for a man cave,
Before your basement remodeling can begin, you should check for the level of moisture. Sports memorabilia and furniture is likely to become musty and moldy if it is kept in an environment that is too moist. Poor ventilation is often to blame for damp basements. The moisture in the air has no place to go, so it collects and causes mold and mildew. If your basement is damp quite often, you may need to run a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air. This will make perfect sense if you are looking to build onto your basement, paint, or put down flooring or carpeting. Why do all of this before you remove the moisture from the air? You are just setting yourself up for a major cleaning job and carpeting or flooring replacement.

It is also to test for radon before beginning your basement remodeling. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause lung cancer if it is not removed from the home. If you have natural gas pipes in your basement, it is a good idea to get those checked as well. A natural gas leak can make people very sick. If your home is old and has had a few owners before you, it would be to your benefit to test for possible lead paint. Different parts of your home can be breeding grounds for different problems. The basement is often neglected when it comes to the weekly cleaning of the home. The basement is usually out of sight and out of mind. No one usually thinks to clean the basement, but it is often a dumping ground for items that no longer serve a purpose in the living areas.

When planning basement remodeling, you may want to consider planning for the weather. The weather in the spring and summer can become severe. Thunderstorms can become powerful tornadoes, and if you do not have an inner room in your home with no windows, the basement is the safest place to be. You may want to leave a section of the basement free for a family meeting space in the event of inclement weather. Dust storms are also possible. Since basements usually have no windows that open to the outside, it makes it the most logical place to seek shelter during a dust storm. Since you never know how long the bad weather may last, it may not be a bad idea to build a surplus of non-perishable food and bottled water. A half bathroom might be another good idea, just in case you have to spend a long period of time in the basement. You will have all the necessities you need to take care of yourself.

However, one of the most difficult things to bring into any basement remodeling is natural light. Any windows your basement may have are too low to the ground to bring in any sunlight. Keeping your basement lit is a constant challenge. Not many lighting manufacturers make the large style ceiling lights anymore, and it is likely that the bulbs that fit inside it are not environmentally friendly. An overhead chandelier may not give off enough light, and it will look especially strange if it is hanging in a man cave. If you intend to entertain in the basement, perhaps several table lamps will provide enough light for people to see your finished job and maybe even watch the latest sports game on the big screen television.

No matter what you decide to do with your basement remodeling, the same codes apply just like any other part of your home. If you plan on putting up additional walls, do you need a building permit? If you need to change the electrical system of the room, do you need an inspection to be done afterward? If you need to do any digging into your home’s foundation to check for moisture or other issues, do you need to call the utility companies to make sure you will not be disturbing anything they may have resting underground? Digging or cutting into electrical wires or gas pipes may cause severe bodily injury or major damage that will cost a great deal to repair.

It is likely that you can do much of your basement remodeling yourself. Painting and putting down floor or carpet is the easy part. You will also likely spend a lot of time picking out new furniture and even a television to house in your remodeled basement. However, for the most important parts, like checking for moisture problems, foundation cracks, radon, or even natural gas leaks, you will want to spend the money to call in the professionals. Shop around. Websites like Angie’s List or even Craigslist can give you an idea of what professionals charge.

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