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Classic Home Remodeling was launched in 1995 with just a few tools and a plan to become a premier contracting company. Today, with all the tools and experience we need, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can depend on our professionals for the best services in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. From residential and commercial remodeling to custom home building, Classic Home Remodeling is committed to providing the service you deserve for all your home or business needs. With our crew of dedicated craftsmen and our team of industry professionals we can complete your project from concept to final inspection and everything in between.

Bathroom Remodel Cedar Rapids

Remodel Your Tired, Dated Bathroom

A bathroom remodel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is not impossible if you have the right plans, budget, and help. Classic Home Remodeling can help you plan a remodel that will make your bathroom cheaper to renovate, faster to clean, and easier to decorate. A remodel in the bathroom does not have to be flashy or expensive to be elegant. Put yourself into the renovation with each fabric, paint, floor, or carpet you choose. A home says a lot about the personality of the owner, and a well-decorated home usually means you are happy and living the good life. It is not necessarily the size of the bathroom that makes the difference – it is how it is decorated and how it makes you feel after you pamper yourself in it. Leaving your bathroom every day with a feeling like you just went to the spa will make a big difference in how you approach your day.

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can create the illusion of having more space by maximizing the area you do have. Cozy corners become easy storage nooks. You will never have to worry about where to put the spare towels and washcloths again. Guests will feel right at home seeing the spare towels out in the open and free for their use. A bathroom designed with a modern flair makes room for claw foot tubs, walk-in showers, and other pampering amenities. A claw foot tub gives you a good feeling of relaxation. Just like the larger, old Victorian homes, you can draw yourself a bath and feel the tension just melt away. Sit and relax while reading your favorite novel. The bathroom is your new space to relax. Unwind from the stress of your day with a soak in a warm tub. Steam your cold or sniffles away with a hot shower in your rainforest shower.

If a luxurious or modern design is not in your budget, you may want to consider a contemporary bathroom remodel. The seamless, clean lines create an open and airy feeling. Your bathroom actually feels larger than it is. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the crisp, straight lines. A bright vanity elongates the room and seems to push the walls out. Neutral colors, white, and unpainted wood are a great choice for small bathrooms. A boldly printed wallpaper design adds the right amount of personality without overwhelming the small space. A white pedestal sink uses less floor space, but blends in with the paneling to create an illusion of more space. A walk-in shower with a rainforest shower brings the feeling of vacationing in the tropics to the suburbs.

Wainscoting the walls adds a more classic look to any bathroom remodel, while bringing more visual interest. Shiplap is also great for small bathrooms. Use it horizontally to break up the wall space and extend the wall. It will make the room feel wider than it is. The bathroom is the place for you to take care of yourself. No one wants to feel like they are standing in a room that is closing in on them. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may want to avoid keeping decorations or plants on the vanity. The room can begin to feel cluttered if there is too much getting in the way of using the sink. Movement in the bathroom should come natural. You should not feel like you have to dodge any objects to get ready for your day or your event.

A standalone shower and a claw foot tub brings a sense of elegance to any bathroom remodel. Replace a standard shower curtain that becomes moldy and musty with a glass door panel. It is easier to clean and it makes the space feel more open. A frosted glass window provides more light without losing any sense of privacy. Natural light coming into a small bathroom can make it feel spacious and open. Slanted windows create an inviting and roomy feel, especially if your bathroom is galley style. Regular windows can give you a claustrophobic feeling. No one wants to feel crowded while using the bathroom. It should be one of the most comfortable rooms in your home.

No bathroom remodel is complete without a ladder shelf. It provides the perfect space for bath towels, bath supplies, and other knick knacks. Black accents work with light tiled floors and neutral wallpaper to add depth. Subway tile may even create the illusion of higher and wider ceilings. Natural wood accents pair well with added touches of greenery. If you are not a fan of having live plants in your bathroom, plastic ones will do. Purchase the right plastic plants, and your house guests may not even know the difference. A light spray of floral room deodorizer from time to time will help add to the cause. Plastic flowers, with a hint of the right floral room deodorizer can make your bathroom feel like heaven right here on Earth.

While Martha Stewart may not be available for your bathroom remodel, you do not have to go it alone. Classic Home Remodeling has professionally trained experts that can help keep you on budget while you redesign your bath. If you have always dreamed of having a whirlpool tub or a rainforest shower, make your dreams come true while staying within your means. Sometimes all you need is peace and quiet for a little slice of heaven. Ask the experts how to feel like you are living in the lap of luxury on an average person’s salary. They may know the tricks of the trade to take your budget and stretch it further. Most experts will tell you that you can buy cheaper materials that look just as good, if not better, than the real thing. More expensive items do not always mean better.

Why is it that none of the home improvement shows on television seem to feature bathroom renovations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? You always see the large metropolitan areas and the elegant bathrooms being redone. No one ever shows what it is like for the average person to remodel their bathroom. How are you supposed to find ideas if you have nothing to inspire you? The professionals at Classic Home Remodeling can walk you step-by-step through the basics. You will not have to worry about not knowing a claw foot tub from a regular bathtub. You will even know the difference between a raised toilet and a standard toilet.

Remodeling your bathroom yourself may not make you an expert, but with the right guidance from trained professionals, you will know the lingo and how to stay within your budget. Impress your family and friends with a modern, yet contemporary remodeled bathroom. It may not always increase the value of your home dollar-wise, but it will increase your home’s comfort value.

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