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Bathroom Renovations Cedar Rapids

Does Your Bathroom Make a Splash in Your Home?

The number one place for mold in the home has to be the bathroom. Unless your basement floods, your bathroom is the most likely place to find dampness in your home. How many times has someone taken a shower and the mirror is all fogged up? This is because hot water steams up the room and adds moisture. Unless the room has enough ventilation, the steam has no place to go. Bathroom renovations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may be necessary if there is no ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can circulate the air in the bathroom allowing the steam to break up in the air. However, even if you do have a ceiling fan, you will want to watch for condensation. If condensation occurs, it means moisture is lingering in the air. This spells an easy breeding ground for mold and mildew, a leading cause of health problems in the home.

If you notice black mold in your bathroom, you are not immune to bathroom renovations. Black mold can grow at increased rates in moist environments. Black spots on walls just above baseboards or near the ceiling or even patches of wet drywall indicate a moisture problem. If you notice a musty smell, you may even want to crack open your drywall. If you see black, fuzzy-like growth behind the drywall, you have a mold issue. You may have to have it professionally removed or cleaned. Painting and maybe even new drywall is in order. Black mold has been linked to upper respiratory tract problems, including allergies and asthma.

Your need for bathroom renovations can also be indicated by plumbing issues. If you hear a knocking sound as your shower runs, it could indicate improperly secured pipes, faucets, or spouts. This is especially true when they leak when turned off. Sometimes you will also have inconsistent water pressure for pipes, faucets, or spouts if they are installed incorrectly. Replacing the faulty piping will be a crucial part of getting your bathroom renovation just right. It does not matter how many coats of fresh paint you put on the walls or what new fixtures you add to the vanity if the water does not fill your bath or flush your toilet properly.

Bathroom renovations can be necessary to bring both visual improvements and repairs. No one wants to see a tub full of dirty, soapy water that will not drain. The water should run directly down the drain as you are showering. If more than a half an inch remains, you have an issue with your drain. It could be an improper seal on the drain. If you do not get this fixed, it is possible it could leak onto the floor. If you live in an apartment building, this could quickly become an issue between you and your neighbors. Poor drainage could also mean clogged pipes. If the pipes are beyond cleanable, you may want to consider replacing them. If not, you can likely call a plumber to have them snaked out. If you have a septic system, you may want to ensure the system is not backed up, or it will eventually cause more issues in your yard later on. This will be more costly than the bathroom renovation to repair.

Whether they are large or small bathroom renovations are something homeowners have to do from time to time. They are something that should not be taken lightly. You may want to spend the extra money on the higher-end materials, as some things will break down easier than others. It will only cost you money in the long run to replace the same things over and over again. You spend a lot of time getting ready in your bathroom. It should be a comfortable place for you to relax. How many days on the job started with you staring at yourself in the mirror? Can you imagine doing that if you feel cramped or do not have enough room to feel comfortable?

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