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Classic Home Remodeling was launched in 1995 with just a few tools and a plan to become a premier contracting company. Today, with all the tools and experience we need, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can depend on our professionals for the best services in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. From residential and commercial remodeling to custom home building, Classic Home Remodeling is committed to providing the service you deserve for all your home or business needs. With our crew of dedicated craftsmen and our team of industry professionals we can complete your project from concept to final inspection and everything in between.

Home Additions Cedar Rapids

Empty Nest vs. Nest Additions: Is Your Family Growing or Are you Running Out of Storage Space?

Whether you are planning for a new addition to your family or your adult children are moving back in, home additions should be strongly on your mind. Adding on to your home does not have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. With solid planning and the right know-how, your home addition will pay for itself time and time again. Boost the value in your home and extend your square footage by selecting the perfect materials and details to enhance your home’s value and character. The right addition to the right part of your home can add curb appeal that all of your neighbors will admire.

If you have an in-ground pool, a pool house can be the perfect start to your new addition. Home additions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may not be known for pool houses, but if you have an in-ground pool, why not? It can project out onto the patio or deck area of the pool, creating a gathering space and transitional area between the pool and the house. Pool guests suddenly have an area to stop and dry off to enter the house, and guests wishing to use the pool have an area to remove their shoes without risking grass or dirt being dragged into a clean pool. The right roofing on a pool house may even add shade onto the guests lounging by the pool. Your pool already adds to the appeal of your home, making it a popular place to be the hot summer. Why not make it a summer oasis by adding a pool house?

Home additions usually mean a homeowner is looking to add needed space to their home. Maybe the kids have no place to do their homework quietly or play their video games while Mom prepares dinner. A colorful living area would mean the kids have a place to do their daily routine without disturbing Mom. A coffered ceiling and a new fireplace transform a boxy space into a welcoming family room. It will be a great place to spend those cold winter nights, especially if you want to spend more time together as a family or make sure the kids are doing their homework. Of course, before you can put in a fireplace, you should have a contractor check the foundation of your home to see if it can support the extra weight. You would not want to force a fireplace to fit where it will not be supported. You could cause cracking in the walls or flooring, and this will be even more costly to repair.

Garden rooms can remove a portion of a wall and replace it with a wider hallway, however, such a room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may not be so practical. Home additions usually do not include the extra added cost of hiring a gardener. A garden room may be a good idea if you love gardening and taking care of plants. It may be a great room to have a spot of tea and conversation, but you should really consider whether you want the added stress of keeping up with it. However, if you want to teach your kids about raising your own fruit and vegetables at home, having a garden room would be a great way to educate your kids and teach them responsibility.

Sometimes home additions can add beauty and elegance to your home, as well as use and purpose. Picture slate or tile flooring and banks of windows. If you choose to do so, these are some of the things that can add beauty to your home. Adding a fireplace to an existing room or an addition can bring architectural detail. If you place the fireplace on an outer wall of your home, venting becomes simpler. A tall, window-filled addition does not have to be dark and drafty. Pendant lighting and a ceiling fan dangling between the exposed trusses provides light and air circulation without interfering with the views into or out of the oversized windows. Skylights also bring in the natural light. They are also beautiful to lay under and watch the night sky. A strategically placed fireplace also adds to the ambiance of a sky lit ceiling. Whether you are looking for that perfect romantic evening or a cozy, peaceful night at home, adding a skylight may just be what the doctor ordered. The holiday season will be completely beautiful with the lighting of the Christmas tree filling the room and the soft glimmer of the freshly fallen snow. It will be just like a picture postcard.

Whether they are large or small, most home additions add to the value of your home. Keep every single cost in mind when you are planning your addition. You want to make sure that the money you put into your home is returned with several years of comfort and happiness. If you decide to sell your home, you should be able to get back a large chunk of the money you invested in the addition back from the sale. If you do not, then the addition was not worth the money you spent. Sometimes it makes sense to check with a realtor to see what the latest home buying trends include. Have a good idea of when you want to sell your home and ask what trends they think will be happening around that time. Adding on to your home may not be what every future home buyer is looking for, and you want to keep that in mind as you draw up your plans for the addition. If your addition adds too much space to your home, potential home buyers might be concerned with the heating and cooling costs each year.

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