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Kitchen Remodel Cedar Rapids

The Busiest, Most Important Room in Your Home: The Kitchen!

Your kitchen, whether you believe it or not, is one of the most important rooms in your home. Your kids use the kitchen table to do their homework or make their volcanoes for the science fair. You usually need to cook at least two meals a day in your kitchen to keep your family going. After a while, your kitchen can become old and tired. Completing a kitchen remodel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa does not have to be complicated or expensive. Even if you have no idea how to remodel your kitchen, professionally trained experts are just a phone call away. Ask anything you have ever wanted to know about kitchen remodeling. No question is too difficult to answer, and most importantly, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If you never ask, you will never know what it takes to make a kitchen remodel.

Appliances are the livelihood of your kitchen, and they should not be forgotten. How many times have homeowners completed a kitchen remodel only to put the same tired appliances back in the same place? The latest and greatest appliances now come in stainless steel. It is very appealing visually and goes with just about any color you can dream of painting the walls. Naturally, when you are upgrading your appliances, you need to make sure you get the exact measurements, especially if you are putting them back in the same place the old ones were. Moving appliances to a different location in the kitchen means you may have to add more electrical outlets or even gas pipes, depending on the type of appliances you are looking to place. You may also need to check with your town or municipality to see if you will need a permit to do the work or an inspection when the work is done.

No kitchen remodel can happen without the homeowner considering how much storage space they have. It is no secret that a small kitchen will lack storage space. Yes, there are the cabinets where you keep a surplus of pantry items, dishes, spices, and more, but is it truly noticeable that you miss the storage space that you desperately lack? Using open shelves instead of upper cabinets can make even the smallest of kitchens feel larger. Install them at the standard upper cabinet height, however, the lower shelf should be approximately 18 inches above the counter. Unless you are planning to take the proper precautions, storing dishes or glasses on open shelves may not be the best idea. You could have a low flying airplane, an earthquake, or some other occurrence that can cause the dishes and glasses to shake and tumble to the floor. Perhaps a better idea is to have decorative kitchen knick knacks hanging around open shelving, you know, the type that will not break. Just because a shelf looks more visually appealing hanging on a wall does mean it can support the weight of the things you decide to place on it. Pots and pans and heavy dishes are best kept in kitchen cabinets, where they cannot fall and break or do other sorts of damages.

Adding an island to your kitchen remodel adds more space and usage. If you like to have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast and do not like spreading out on a large table, the family can pull up a chair or a stool and have a cozy breakfast. Many kitchen islands provide more room for food and meal preparation, and some even come with drawers or cabinet doors. This is a great place to store those small kitchen tools you never know what to do with. You will also now have drawers to put those endless cocktail forks, napkins, stirrers, and other necessary party items. You may even find a new home for the paper towel rack, spice rack, knife rack, or tree of endless coffee mugs. Putting an island in the kitchen may also cut down the amount of time it takes to get those heavy casserole dishes in the oven. The most logical place to put the island would be closest to the refrigerator and stove. If your kitchen is laid out awkwardly, you may want to consider this when planning your remodel. A well laid out kitchen is the key to happy and fast food preparations. You may save a lot of money because instead of ordering out or dining out, you will be making more of your meals at home in your brand new kitchen.

It would not be a kitchen remodel without new countertops. Sleek granite countertops can serve as a focal point of beauty and a topic of endless conversation. Guests will be envious at the amount of beauty your kitchen displays. Keep them tidy and clean and the shine will never end. Butcher block countertops tell kitchen visitors that you are a serious home chef. Your kitchen is made for cooking, and you are not afraid who knows it. Just remember to keep a cutting board under the meat you happen to be butchering, as no one wants to see cuts and scuff marks from a knife in those beautiful countertops. A recycled glass or even a granite countertop also means endless beauty. Your kitchen might not be a work of art, but it will be the talk of the neighborhood. Just keep those countertops shiny and clean for years to come.

Flooring for a kitchen remodel does not have to be expensive and flashy. You will want something that will hold up under high traffic, cooking spills, and other kitchen mishaps. Something durable and easy to clean is best suited for your kitchen. The look of hardwood is very popular, but not everyone wants the responsibility of keeping up with hardwood. They are not the easiest to keep clean, and every once in a while they need to be refinished. That can be a job within itself. There is a wood look alternative that does not require much cleaning or upkeep. It is as simple as running a dry duster across the floor to collect the loose dirt and hair that accumulates. There are many mopping products on the market to help keep a hardwood alternative clean. Most involve a dry pad and spraying something like Windex on the floor to clean. The dirt stays trapped on the cleaning pad, and away from the floor. Sometimes you can even take pieces of the wood alternative or even vinyl or glazed ceramic tile to make a rustic backsplash on the walls. It makes what seems like a dull paint job come alive.

If your kitchen contains that neat little corner space, why not turn it into a cozy nook. Everyone loves to have that corner spot in the kitchen where you can hideaway and indulge in that second or third cup of coffee while you read the Sunday paper or catch up on the weekend news. The benches you purchase for your cozy nook can also serve as extra storage. Many times the seat of the bench will lift up, leaving you room for those tiny kitchen tools and appliances no one knows where to store. Maybe you can even store some extra snacks and goodies there to keep them out of plain sight.

Changing your kitchen should be a creative way to reflect your personality in your home. Showcase the homemade items your kids made in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, or school. Find safe shelving space for all the antique kitchen items your grandmother and great-grandmother left for you. Display your cookbooks on an open shelf to show family, friends, and guests that you love your kitchen, and you make good use of it. Nothing makes a home happier than a kitchen that is frequently used. Whether it is Christmas cookie baking, Sunday dinners, or just devouring hot Chinese takeout, nothing is more comforting than being in a well-planned and designed kitchen. Your house can be the talk of the family or the neighborhood with the right kitchen. If you love to entertain and love the attention your home will receive, a remodeled kitchen may be right for you.

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