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Kitchen Remodel Cost Cedar Rapids

Capping the High Ceiling on Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel cost in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can add up quickly, just like any room in your home. They say the kitchen can become the dirtiest room in your home, even dirtier than the bathroom. So it is true that you do not want to skimp on the materials you purchase. It is better to purchase materials that are easy to maintain and clean, as it will end up saving you money in the long run. Again, planning and budgeting become very important parts of your project from the very beginning. Yes, you may have your dream kitchen in mind before you start, but the reality is, can you afford it? It is not unusual for homeowners to take out second mortgages or even loans to afford remodeling their kitchen.

When thinking about a kitchen remodel cost, most homeowners do not think a major kitchen project will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the reality is a major kitchen remodel costs about $130k. Now please keep in mind, this is for an upscale remodel. You know, top-of-the-line appliances and only the best materials. Most of the time, as you are completing a kitchen remodel, you will not be able to cook anything in your kitchen with the work going on. So unless you have planned several non-cook meals, you will likely have to plan most of your meals outside of your home, which may get costly. You will even need to consider whether or not your refrigerator will be available to keep any of the food and beverages you do have at a cold temperature. Here is where another refrigerator somewhere in your home or on your property becomes handy.

Many people save thousands of dollars for years to have the kitchen of their dreams, but most do not completely know what a kitchen remodel cost will be. Smaller projects that involve painting the walls, refacing the cabinets, upgrading the sink, or installing tile backsplash will not be all that costly, and most of the work can be done yourself if you know how. Again, saving you lots of money in the long run. However, even if you have saved thousands of dollars, you should keep in mind that a kitchen renovation can cost between $75 and $250 per square foot. Now, if you are planning on making your kitchen larger, you had better plan on taking out a loan to help pay for it. You will also need to consider the costs that come along with maintaining your loan.

When figuring a kitchen remodel cost, most people do not consider that buying new appliances or making the kitchen bigger will require moving the gas lines or adding additional electrical outlets to make everything fit. This will add additional costs to the materials and the labor needed to accommodate the changes. Moving the appliances from where they currently are or even upgrading them may not be a good idea if you do not have the budget for it. Sometimes old appliances can be refinished to look like new. YouTube or Google might be a great place to start, if you like do it yourself projects.

Newer appliances can also add to a kitchen remodel cost, as you may need to add new lines to the kitchen. Your electrical lines may support your current appliances, but new appliances could need something stronger. This will add more costs to your budget. A new stove could mean you need new pipes to be installed. A new sink could mean new water pipes, and you would need a plumber to help you connect them to the main line. Again, what does this mean for your budget? Will you need additional permits to do the work? How about additional inspections? It is likely that any water, gas, or electrical work will need to be inspected before the project can be considered done.

Many people go over their budget with kitchen remodels because they fail to realize that completely changing your kitchen is much more than replacing appliances and coating the walls with new paint. You need to know if the new appliances are going to fit in the spaces you put them. You need to know if any additional hardware will need to be put in place to get the items up and running. All of this takes time and additional cost. You may need to hire additional contractors to help you complete the work. Though all of this, miscommunication can occur, and before you know it, work you thought was already completed needs to be redone. This could mean purchasing materials twice, which could double your costs.

When remodeling your kitchen, the most important thing to keep in mind is it must be functional. A new kitchen does not have to cost a lot for it to be functional. The latest and greatest kitchen appliances may be great additions to your kitchen, but they are not worth the cost if you cannot do meal preparations without issues. You do not want to spend time preparing a meal if you cannot get the oven door open wide enough to put in the casserole dish. If you do not have a large enough refrigerator to hold everything your family may need for the week, you will find yourself making countless additional trips to the grocery store.

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